Saturday, 18 July 2009

It's all go at Tommapalooza!

I'm already hearing some brilliant stories from Tommapalooza day one. Nice to see so many people checking out the literature tents. They really can pop up on you when you least expect it, can't they? And the range of food is quite extraordinary! Tonight, I tried the Thai stand, while I have heard other reports of pizza and even casserole... AMAZING!

Here's some of my photos from the Festival so far...

I have my ticket, so it's off to Tommapalooza with me!
My wacky Festival Hat!
I declare this festival...
... OPEN!
I help out on the Thai Food stand. Mmm... Delish! (This is Quorn, by the way...)
The dreaded Festival toilets...
I can't believe I have to sleep here! It's so PRIMITIVE!

Add your own photos at the Tommapalooza Facebook group!

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