Monday, 8 December 2008

Brighton Gig Cancelled

The Brighton gig tomorrow is cancelled, unfortunately, so apologies Brightonians, you've got to wait. Apparently the gig that I was booked on has had two nights of splendid entertainment, both of which have been poorly attended, so another comedy night bites the pebble beach, so to speak.

Speaking of Brighton's delightful pebble beach, it's worth checking out my friend Dave Holby in a mankini in this terrifying yet compelling video. It's on the website Videojug which I used to work for as a researcher, and sometime actor, as you'd know if you've ever had low self esteem, recurring dreams, or bad breath. We made many videos very very fast, hundreds of them a week, although the website has recently apparently been shedding staff almost as quickly. A shame. Mind you, I don't miss their lifts.

More news on the film I was in on Friday to come, as well as some audio delights in time for Christmas. Hooray!


Lake said...

Good lord, I went to school with Dave Holby. How long have you known him?

Mark said...

I feel a little disappointed you didn't ell me you were doing a gig in birighton. but then ,also a little happy that i didn't waste my time what with it being cancelled.

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