Wednesday, 10 December 2008

I Was In A Film

Hello there -

I was in a film last Friday for my friend Geraldine Geraghty, who previously directed me in her short film Golf Sale. It's called "Me, Me, Me", or at least was called that at the time of filming. It looks like it's going to be funny and dark and delightful, so I will keep you updated of when it's completed and where it's going to be shown.

Whilst filming it in a very hot yoga studio, I had one of those horrible experiences where you say to someone "I recognise you from somewhere", and then you realise it's because they have a regular role in Pulling.

I haven't done yoga for many years, probably since university. It's one of the great joys of a artsy-fartsy drama degree that you get to do yoga and roll around on mats with over-excitable Danes. Not that I think you could call this filmed yoga actual yoga. It was half an hour of pretending to do yoga. I didn't even get to bust out my impeccable lotus position or nuffink. Still, I felt like my chakras had been properly... uh... vented by the end of it.

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